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RB & 9RB Types

Gamma seals are used in a wide range of applications. They are produced in shaft diameters ranging between 10mm and 225mm. The two part seal comprised of an elastomer sealing member and metal case, is intended to seal against foreign matter, liquid splatter, and grease. We offer two types: The RB type and 9RB type as shown on the top of this page.

Because of the Gamma seals' protective metal case it can operate in rough operating conditions. During operation the lip seals against the housing under a contact pressure which is calculated for proper sealing. The sealing lip tends to exert less contact pressure as the speed increases due to centripetal force, which contributes to proper sealing performance. As a result, the seal operates both as a 'deflector ring' and 'clearance seal'.


Cross-Section Photos RB & 9RB Types