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VERTEC Teflon® Seals

Material Features

  • Virtually unlimited chemical compatability
  • Minimal break-away and running friction
  • Self lubricating, dry running
  • Kind to soft dynamic surfaces
  • Minimal temperature increase from friction

VERTEC Teflon® Seals - For Rotary Motion


  • 5 Standard part Geometrys
  • Fluorocarbon O-Ring static seal on O.D.
  • Standard cross section range .200-.750
  • Size range from .125" - 4.00" shafts


  • Shaft speeds up to 6000fpm
  • Rotary motion only
  • Pressures from vacuum to 200psi
  • Pressure/velocity combination 250,000(psi ft/min)
  • Temperatures range from -100 to 500F*

VERTEC Teflon® Seals - For Reciprocating Motion


  • Standard cross sections
  • Shaft size range .125" - 16.00"
  • 4 Standard part geometry's
  • Stainless cantilever beam finger springs


  • Rotary motion up to 300fpm
  • Static applications
  • Temperature ranges from cryogenic to 600F*
  • Radial and face seal geometry's
  • Pressures from vacuum to 20,000+ psi

*Upper temperature ranges may require a non-standard seal.

Teflon® Material Selection

Material Code Description Surface Hardness Color
01 Graphite Filled PTFE, offers low wear, low coefficient of friction, A superior material for dynamic applications. Rockwell B 76 Black
02 Mineral filled PTFE, FDA APPROVED Used in both static and dynamic applications. Rockwell B 76 Off White
13 Virgin PTFE, Used in static and very slow dynamic applications. Very good cryogenic capabilities and is FDA APPROVED. Rockwell B 76 White
18 Fiberglass and Molybdenum Disulfide filled PTFE, Used in static and dynamic pressurized applications for superior seal life. Rockwell C 41 Gray Black
07 Proprietary FDA APPROVED filled PTFE, Approved for dairy contact, offers superior wear characteristics that exceed other materials. Used in dynamic food and drug processing applications. Rockwell B 76 Black
15 Fiberglass filled PTFE, has added strength for applications with high temperature and pressure combinations. Also used in high pressure applications for its extrusion resistance. Rockwell C 41 Off White
09 Carbon-Graphite filled PTFE, used in sealing abrasive media such as dust, sand, or water. Excellent for harsh atmospheric conditions, can be used on soft mating materials. Rockwell B 76 Black
10 Polymide filled PTFE, offers low wear and superior low friction properties, kind to softer mating surfaces, excellent for dynamic non-lubricated applications. Rockwell B 76 Gold
05 Proprietary filled PTFE, offers low wear and exceptional thermal stability. Used in larger diameters where bore retention is critical. Should be considered for reciprocating and slow rotary movement. Rockwell C 50 Gray Black