In stock inventory and parts on demand are top priorities for our customers. As an industry leader since 1969, we at Harwal acknowledge these critical needs and are proud to offer one of the most robust inventories in the North America. We offer In Stock access to a full line of various products including Metric and Standard Oil Seals, End-Caps, V-Rings, Gamma Seals, U-Cups, Wipers, Shaft Repair Sleeves, and O-Ring Kits. Harwal continues to be among the top wholesale distributors of fluid sealing components with over 9,000 sizes and styles available every day.

Customer needs are not limited to stock items; therefore Harwal’s capabilities stretch way beyond to include made-to-order rubber and plastic parts of all types. Harwal is virtually unmatched industry wide, with lead times of two weeks or less for most custom parts. We don’t simply want to sell you parts; we want to find you sealing solutions that meet your individual needs. After all, we aren’t satisfied until our customer is.


Our No. 1 priority at Harwal is to get each and every customer the precision parts they demand in less time than anyone in the industry. We offer guaranteed shipping on in stock items from our Northeast warehouse until 4:30pm EST, and our Midwest warehouse until 4:30pm MST.

For production run quantities, Harwal offers unrivaled lead times from factory to customer. Standard delivery time is approx. 90 days from date of order. Expedited delivery into Harwal is available in as little as 15 Business Days.

Delivery is only as good as the accuracy with which it is done. We at Harwal are proud of the level of accuracy we have maintained over the years. Harwal has an error rate of less than 1%, but we are constantly striving to do even better. With that said, if a customer receives incorrect parts we will do whatever it takes to satisfy our customer’s needs, period.


Maintaining the highest levels of customer service is something we take very seriously. It is our goal to create a business friendly atmosphere for our customers. Each of our customer service representatives is equipped with the knowledge and professionalism you would expect from your wholesale distributor of choice. Here at Harwal we feel that quality service is not a privilege, it is a right.